Davide Palombo

Queeng – a multidisciplinary studio and consultancy dedicated to visual merchandising, events, interior design, custom creations with luxury and craft at heart.

About the founder

“It does not hurt anyone to dare” – Davide Palombo

Davide Palombo

Creation born out of experience

Having worked for leading brands in the Industry, in a creative capacity, such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada, Kenzo and Maison Margiela, Davide Palombo had the idea to create a retail design agency offering a full range of service under one roof, one team.

What’s in a name… Queeng was coined after the combination of Queen & King: the masculine and the feminine, black and white; yin and yang.

Some may wonder why naming a creative studio as such…

The belief, dear to our Founder, Davide Palombo, is that there is no such thing as binary genders . We don’t have to choose either or. Once unburdened from this choice, the field of possibilities appears infinite, opening the gates of creativity.

Once freed from “society-mandated” constraints, we can start building and create. In its inclusive approach, Queeng aims to explore all possibilities and help stirring up and developing creative direction at your Company. These possibilities may cover, but not exclusively, Visual Merchandising, Interior design, Events, Lectures, VM training, craft projects (NPD) etc.

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Davide Palombo is a Creative Designer specialised in window display, interior and set design concepts for luxury brands.

Why Queeng Studio & Craft ?

QUEENG, as the name states, is the perfect combination between Queen and King, Masculine and Feminine, Black and White, Yin and Yang.

I believe in no distinct “gender”, I believe in no singular option,  we don’t have to identify with ‘one’.
All of this opened a whole new universe to me, thus QUEENG aims to include everything, and help all the creatives to find and develop a potential in any ideas:
– Visual merchandising,
– Interior design,
– Events,
– Merchandisers,
– School Conferences and Training
– Crafts and much more with what your creativity needs to be helped with.

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